Ça pousse! Station – indoor gardening all year round



The It grows! Station features a full spectrum LED light bar that lets you garden indoors all year round!

Use the Station, to grow, for example, 

  • microgreens
  • lettuce, radishes, spinach, kale, swiss chard, herbs, etc.
  • start your seedlings in the spring


Because it is raised, the growing area allows you to garden without back pain.

Therefore, even if your house is not very bright, you can quickly obtain good crops thanks to the powerful light integrated into the Station.

In addition, the upper part of the Station allows you to arrange houseplants, books and other decorative and useful items. The Station becomes a decorative island of greenery in your home!

Each Station includes: the Station structure,

  • 4 growing containers with potting soil
  • LED light bar


Furthermore, this Station is produced locally by Ça pousse !, a social economy initiative in urban agriculture from the Dépôt, a community food center. Any income generated by It grows! is then reinvested in the Depot’s food security programs.

Finally we offer free delivery on the Island of Montreal. Indeed, we deliver the Station and other items to your door, but, due to the Covid pandemic, we do not install nor can we deliver inside residences / buildings, etc.