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Growing Connections

We offer engaging learning experiences for all

Ça pousse! has – and continuously develops – numerous workshops and pedagogical programs that can be adapted for all ages and skill levels. Available outdoors, indoors, and all year long.

Récolte de kale et bette à carde - jeunes

Youth Programs

Pedagogical programs for
youth of all ages

Our hands-on workshops are designed to empower youth through gardening skills and knowledge. Give students the opportunity to engage with your school’s curriculum in an active and non-competitive environment.


  • Reinforce the school curriculum
  • Promote healthy habits
  • Non-competitive physical activity
  • Build self-confidence

Wellness Programs

Health and wellness workshops for seniors and patients

Horticultural programs are increasingly popular in healthcare facilities as a way to accelerate patient recovery and improve overall well-being. Our gardens offer a stimulating environment and can be adapted to the various needs of your facility.


  • Low-impact physical activity
  • Inclusive activity for social connection
  • Reduce stress and improve mental health
  • Normalized therapeutic activity
Jardins thérapeutiques

Programs For Kids

Daycare and CPE-friendly pedagogical activities

Ça pousse! has developed a series of workshops intended for children aged 3 to 5 years old. The shorter and more hands-on workshops are designed to stimulate the senses, develop fine motor skills, and foster curiosity and a love for nature.


  • Helps develop fine motor skills and senses
  • Non-competitive physical activity
  • Builds self-confidence and curiosity
  • Encourages trying new foods and flavours
Tout-petits au jardin - îlot de verdure


Exciting activities for
groups and teams

Ça pousse! offers a variety of team building and informative workshops for community groups and businesses. They are designed to encourage social participation, cross cultural communication, and healthy lifestyle habits.


  • Reduce stress
  • Create opportunities for connection and team-building
  • Encourage healthy habits
  • Promote environmental stewardship
animation jardin - team building - création et renforcement d'équipe

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